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World Kora Trio

Le violoncelliste Eric Longsworth, le joueur de Kora Malien, Chérif Soumano et le percussionniste Jean Luc di Fraya forment un cocktail musical savoureux. Loin du discours ! Entre eux, c’est un dialogue espiègle, dynamique et pétillant qui illustre sans aucun doute que la musique est un langage universel que partagent les Hommes au-delà de leurs frontières.

Une proposition musicale rare… définitivement de la world musique!

American cellist Eric Longsworth, who lived in Montreal for more than fifteen years and has been based in France since 2002, has formed a new group, crystallized around recent encounters with musicians from diverse cultures. With Jean-Luc Difraya from Marseille, on percussion and voice, and kora player Cherif Soumano, from Mali, Eric Longsworth is pleased to present the World Kora Trio.

The colors of African music embodied by the kora resonate with the original jazz and folk compositions of the electric cellist. The percussionist, with his celestial voice, impels the trio towards wide open spaces, world wide, as in music of the world.

Far from « conceptual », their dialogue is playful, dynamic, and effervescent, illustrating beyond doubt that music is a universal language that defies borders.

A rare musical proposition…world music in the truest sense.