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The Echo Hunters

The Echo Hunters

“Both their songs and their harmonies are original” Halifax Herald

The Echo Hunters’ music is at once familiar, yet new, with favourite influences from the last few decades blended into a contemporary folk-rock feel – there’s a taste of country, blues and folk in the pop mix. From their lifelong friendship comes a love of jamming and exploring, as well as beautifully blended harmonies. Their eminently tuneful material is enhanced by a driving beat and savvy arrangements. Along with Gordon Fleming (guitar, vocal) come Larry Cassini (guitar, vocal), Kirk Fontaine (bass, vocal) and Rob Couture (drums, percussion), and from time to time, Sylvain Dencausse (fiddle) and Alec McElcheran (bass). They opened several concerts this summer for British roots-zydeco band Chris Jagger’s Atcha! during its first Canadian tour. Their third album, Fortuna Beach was released in May 2013, launched in Montreal at the Petit Cafe Campus. For more info, visit them on Facebook.

L’histoire des Echos Hunters est celle d’une amitié qui dure depuis plus de 20 ans, et qui donne au groupe cette incroyable synergie, une complicité musicale instinctive. Cette fraternité confère aux performances scéniques du groupe une ambiance à la fois festive et intime. The Echo Hunters, ce sont Gordon Fleming (voix, guitare), Larry cassini (voix, guitare), Kirk Fontaine (voix, basse) et Rob Couture (batterie, percussions), ainsi que Sylvain Dencausse (violon) et Alec McElcheran (basse) sur certains morceaux. Ils ont fait la première partie de Chris Jagger’s Atcha cet été lors de la première tournée canadienne du groupe britannique.