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Ingrid & Christine Jensen with Ben Monder – Infinitude

Infinitude – the concept of boundless possibility – is at the center of the music of Ingrid and Christine Jensen. Over the past twenty years or so, as trumpeter and saxophonist respectively, the West Canadian sisters have each shaped prolific careers in contemporary jazz, collaborating with influential names such as Clark Terry, Maria Schneider and Terry Lynn Carrington, working with large and small ensembles, and responding to various commissions to compose for jazz orchestras around the globe. Christine Jensen has recently been awarded the 2017 Oscar Peterson Award from the Montréal International Jazz Festival.

With Infinitude, the Jensens have realized a long-held ambition – to write for and perform in the more intimate setting of a quinte combining their intuitive, sibling trust with the creativity of renowned guitarist Ben Monder and the foundational artistry of bassist Fraser Hollins and drummer Jon Wikan.

Infinitude was released worldwide on Whirlwind Recordings (except Canada) and the Famgroup label (Canada) in 2016, with a US launch in 2017. The band toured the Canadian jazz festival circuit in the summer of 2017 and is preparing for a European tour in November 2017. Like the band on facebook to get the latest updates.


Named one of the 10 best Canadian jazz albums of 2016 in the Ottawa Citzen (Peter Hum)
Downbeat feature and Editor’s pick in Downbeat’s March 2017 issue

“(Infinitude) achieves a rare distinction of being able to simultaneously combine tranquillity with rhythmic vibrancy, coalescing in a near hypnotic fusion of tone and colour. A rare delight.” ★★★★ John Kelman, All About Jazz

“Encompasses everything from carefully composed, gentle melodic lines to utterly free, spontaneous passages, Infinitude presents a vast soundscape.” Ed Enright, Downbeat Magazine

“Warm, spacious and empathically played album… The harmonies are subtly mysterious and the group playing a delight.” John Fordham, The Guardian, UK

“an aptly-named recording that rewards repeated listening.” Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times

“Faites la somme de ces différences et totalisez le plaisir de deux sœurs très complices nées sur l’ile de Vancouver… Elles se sont fait plaisir et ce plaisir est partagé par l’auditeur.” Michael Dupuis, Le Magazine Son et Image, France

“Despite that sparse instrumentation, the music often does feel orchestral, a tribute to the sisters’ rich sonorities and thoughtful harmonies as well as Monder’s resourceful mastery of electric guitar timbres.” Stuart Broomer, TheWholeNote, Canada

“The writing is rich, colourful and varied and also highly evocative with a true cinematic quality and a real sense of place.” Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann, UK

‘It is exactly in this intimacy of a small group where the two sisters fully develop, supported by an excellent (piano-less) rhythm section … in the best possible way.” Teddy Doering, JazzPodium, Germany

“Nordicity. Synchronicity. Whatever the spark, the listener’s journey makes you glad you turned your head this way.”
Gary Walker, WBGO Jazz 88.3, USA

“…. always searching, thoughtful, in a way slow, but at the same time with a defined groove present all the way.” Tor Hammerø, Torhammerø Blog, Norway

“The music they create is open and spacious, with an understated quality.” Patrick Hadfield, London Jazz, UK

“There is no doubt that Canadian jazz artists can take a meaningful place anywhere in the jazz world. This album absolutely confirms that statement. ” ★★★★1/2, Keith Black. Winnipeg Free Press, Canada

“This is an album of fine writing and sublime musicianship.” Russell, Bebop Spoken Here, UK

“The writing is rich, colourful and varied and also highly evocative with a true cinematic quality and a real sense of place.” Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann, UK

“The music on Infinitude is pristine; like pure life expressing itself within and through its unique structure” Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama, USA


Infinitude – le concept de possibilité infinie – est au cœur de la musique d’Ingrid et Christine Jensen. Pendant les dernières vingt années, les sœurs de l’Ouest Canadien, respectivement trompettiste et saxophoniste, ont façonné des carrières foisonnantes en jazz contemporain, en collaborant avec des artistes influents tels Clark Terry, Maria Schneider et Terry Lynn Carrington, jouant avec de grands et petits ensembles, en composant des œuvres commandées pour des orchestres de jazz partout sur la planète.

Infinitude US launch at The Jazz Gallery in New York. Photo: Randy Cole

Avec Infinitude, les Jensen ont réalisé une ambition de longue date – d’écrire pour et de jouer dans l’intimité d’un quintette, en combinant leur intuition et confiance sororale avec la créativité du réputé guitariste Ben Monder et l’art fondateur du bassiste Fraser Hollins et du batteur Jon Wikan.

Infinitude est disponible à Whirlwind Recordings (mondial, sauf le Canada) et à Famgroup (Canada) depuis octobre 2016. Le lancement aux États-Unis était en février 2017. Aimez le groupe sur facebook afin de recevoir des nouvelles.

Infinitude cover