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Durham Country Poets’ album 3: Grimshaw Road

Released today!

Produced by John McColgan (of Stephen Barry Band fame) the album is jam-packed with groovy original tracks going from moody ballads to swinging up-tempo tunes, and a thoughtful nod to Blind Willie Johnson. The album name refers to a haunted road in the Poets’ local area. Durham County Poets are five seasoned musicians and songwriters who work individually and collaboratively in composing their music. Guests on this album include Michael Jerome Browne and Suzie Vinnick.


Grimshaw Road album cover / pochette d’album

The album was launched in front of a great hometown crowd in Chateauguay.


Durham County Poets album launch concert


Durham County Poets also have a new video which features music from the new album. You can check it out by clicking on the thumbnail on the right. For more info on the album, visit the band’s website.