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What they had to say…

after the François Bourassa Quartet performances at the Xerox Jazz Festival in Rochester, NY :

Perfect Jazz Machine

“Quebec’s Francois Bourassa Quartet was a beautiful discovery, the perfect jazz machine plaiying at the Xerox auditorium. Intensely tight, definitely a Top 10 act of the fest. Bourassa, son of a former premier of Quebec, is a delicate player with sprightly, dynamic compositions. Saxophonist André Leroux is a show stealer, with some cool tricks like eliciting a deep rumble from the values, like a cat purring, to turning on his heel and moving his sax from one side of the stage to the other so the note sounds like a passing truck.”

Citizen critics

« Paul Dodd and Reggo Fournier of the local avant-garde jazz band Margaret Explosion agreed that the François Bourassa Quartet was the best of the fest to date. “I kept closing my eyes and listening, it was so sculptural,” Dodd said. Fournier thought she heard Debussy in Bourassa. »